Going to Court

Lawsuit: Zoom Lied About Security Measures, End-to-End Encryption

By Ryan J. Farrick, LEGAL READER

August 14, 2020


The lawsuit claims that Zoom never had end-to-end encryption, despite it telling customers that it did. 

Zoom is facing another lawsuit alleging that the video communications company has deceived consumers by making false claims about its privacy measures.

Zoom Faces More Legal Challenges Over End-to-End Encryption


August 13, 2020


The video-conferencing specialist has yet to roll out full encryption, but it says it’s working on it. 

Video-conferencing behemoth Zoom has been hit with yet another lawsuit stemming from its claim to offer end-to-end encryption for sessions.

Zoom Sued for Misleading Consumers on Data Security Practices

By Andrea Vittorio, BLOOMBERG LAW

August 11, 2020


Zoom Video Communications Inc. allegedly misrepresented the level of security used to protect communications on its platform, giving users “a false sense of security” and violating D.C.'s consumer protection law, according to a new lawsuit filed there.