Advocacy Group Urges California Regulator To Reject Proposed Auto Rate Spike


January 28, 2020…

Advocacy group Consumer Watchdog has urged California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara to reject a proposed 5% auto insurance rate increase by Mercury Insurance Company that “discriminates against lower income, less-educated drivers.”

CA Supreme Court Upholds $27 Million Fine Against Mercury Insurance For Overcharging Customers

CA Supreme Court Puts an End to Mercury Insurance Company’s 20-Year Battle to Escape Accountability for Unlawful Fees 

Los Angeles, CA -- Mercury Insurance Company will pay at least $27.6 million in civil penalties for overcharging hundreds of thousands of California motorists in violation of insurance reform Proposition 103. Late yesterday, the California Supreme Court rejected the company’s last-ditch effort to evade the fine – the largest ever against a car insurance company in California.

Appellate Court Holds Mercury Insurance Accountable for Phony Premium Overcharges

Los Angeles, CA -- A state Court of Appeal in Orange County has upheld $27 million in civil penalties imposed by former Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones against Mercury Insurance Company for falsely claiming premium overcharges its agents tacked on top of its approved rates were “broker fees.”