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Here's another condemnation of the broken for-profit health insurance system that only takes care of those who can pay. This story is sweeping the web because every one of us is afraid this could one day be us.

A North Carolina man entered a bank and gave the teller a note demanding $1. He then sat down in the lobby to wait for the police to come. James Verone resorted to bank robbery out of desperation. He has no insurance, and needs health care for conditions including an undiagnosed lump on his chest, foot and back pain. Unemployed and unable to purchase insurance, going to jail was the best way he could figure out to get the health care he needs.

Watch the video:

If you do the crime you do the time, but you also get taken care of if you're sick. It's appalling that society recognizes that prisoners have a right to health care, but not the average law-abiding citizen. There is a better way: Medicare for all so citizens don't have to resort to fake crimes to get the care they need.