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The complaints we receive help us educate policymakers, the media and the public about real problems faced by real consumers. Over the years, consumer complaints have played a key role in our successful efforts to change laws and hold corporations accountable.

Consumer Watchdog has not verified the veracity nor endorsed any claim made in the complaints listed below.  We publish these complaints for the purposes of discussion only.

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Last week I went to the Culver City Field Office of DMV to get a printout of my drivers license. There was a $55.00 charge for an alleged suspension of my license that was recalled the same day. The action started and ended the same day and is... More >
I have advertised my plumbing business with YP Marketing Solutions for years. Last year (2016) when I signed a contract for the 2016 yellow pages book, I told my sales rep, Jennifer Schutz, that it would be my last year to advertise with them. I was... More >
As described on attachements, Maritec took advantage of us (a small medical clinic in rural Vermont) and in our dealings extorted money and left us with a product that is frequently unusable and always poorly performing. More >
I purchased Comcast Xfinity cable and internet for a one year contract. The service I agreed to amounted to a monthly fee of $67. Comcast charged me $60 for a professional installation of my cable box. Two months later my monthly bill increased to $... More >
I have been a UBER user occasionally, but recently when trying to connect with a ride have been hit with "Surging rates" due to high demand. Even when requesting and scheduling a ride HOURS in advance with a rate quote range which was... More >