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News Release
Posted by Cody Rosenfield
Santa Monica, CA -- Governor Brown’s top aide, Nancy McFadden, appears to have broken state laws by owning up to $1 million in stock in her former employer, Pacific Gas & Electric, and using her official position for personal financial benefit by intervening to inflate the company’s stock price, according to a complaint filed with...
Blog Post
Posted by Cody Rosenfield
Being at the California Energy Commission to testify about how California oil refiners manipulated prices at the pump Tuesday was like prosecuting a case against a defendant who refused to show. The state's oil refiners and their trade association would not participate. They sent a rude letter from their lawyers to the panel empowered by the...
Blog Post
Posted by Jamie Court
The LA Department of Water and Power's overbilling scandals are epic. They include an elderly couple who are Soviet emigrees and lived in fear because DWP issued a $50,000 bill to them.  When they complained, they were told to check for a leaky toilet. DWP is one of the least accountable agencies in the city. When it said it was cleaning...
Posted by Mark Reback
Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL - Consumer Watchdog's John M. Simpson on efforts to improve the energy efficiency of home appliances.
Blog Post
Posted by Judy Dugan
The news reports were on the gee-whiz side this week as state job safety regulators announced nearly $1 million in fines--the largest ever!-- against Chevron for its refinery blaze last August.  But "largest ever" only means that the levy hit the state's $1 million cap on such fines. For Chevron, whose yearly profits are...
News Story
Posted by Daniel Palay
Consumer groups gear up to fight the sale of Arco and its Carson refinery to Tesoro, saying it would reduce competition and possibly lead to higher fuel costs. As California gasoline prices set fresh records daily, consumer advocates are gearing up to fight the sale of the low-cost Arco brand and its Carson refinery to a Texas company not known...