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  Jamie Court debates singer Pat Boone, a leader of the "Beverly Hills Tea Party." This conversation really exposes the Tea Party message for what it is: empty. A must see.
Consumer Watchdog's Jamie Court discusses the new jumbotron ad we are running in Times Square to promote an alternative to the Tea Party for Americans who are "mad as hell" about politics.
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Posted by Jamie Court
A big New York foundation once told me years ago that privacy is the last thing people in the developing world have to worry about. It was a nice way of saying no to funding for my consumer group's privacy project, but the line rang out to me again this week as new reporting at the Wall Street Journal brings into focus the great privacy betrayals...
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Posted by Judy Dugan
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, after crafting a long campaign to deny global warming, is now going to spend $50 million against vulnerable lawmakers who said "yes" to the health reform bill. It's also assembling a pencil-toting army to weaken new regulations based on the health bill, and readying lawsuits. Why would the American Medical...