Jerry Flanagan of Consumer Watchdog tells KCBS that the AHCA, or "Trumpcare", will hurt consumers and patients, leading to worse coverage at a much higher rate for all.
The GOP's proposed American Healthcare Act would drive up prices for the elderly, sick, and those with lower incomes says Consumer Watchdog.
KCAL TV 9 interviews Carmen Balber of Consumer Watchdog about the details of the GOP's coming Obamacare replacement and the potential for serious drawbacks for consumers.
The CEOs of Aetna and Anthem did the health insurance consolidation dance at a U.S. Senate hearing on Sept. 22. Aetna has plans to acquire Humana, and Anthem wants to buy Cigna. Both claim the mergers will improve care and cut costs for consumers. But never in the history of health insurance mergers have prices gone down for consumers when there...
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CONTACT Carmen Balber & Eddie Barrera
Santa Monica, CA -- A Kaiser Family Foundation survey showing that 44 percent of Covered California policyholders have difficulty paying health insurance premiums is yet more evidence that California needs health insurance rate regulation, Consumer Watchdog said today. In addition to cost hardships for those currently insured, more than 40 percent...
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Santa Monica, CA -- The state’s tax board must make public an audit and other records related to its historic decision to revoke Blue Shield of California’s tax-exempt status, according to letters sent today by Consumer Watchdog. Millions purchased health plans late last year believing Blue Shield was a "non-profit." Download...
Phil Rogul, Carlsbad
“We’ve paid well over $100,000 in premiums and received almost zero health care services.”   Over the last 22 years my wife and I have paid an ever-increasing monthly premium for high-deductible health insurance policies. We did so to keep our costs low, but such plans come with almost zero actual health care benefits and...
Diana Guth, BA, RRT Owner, Home Respiratory Care Sleep Solutions
“Premiums for our company have gone up 37% since 2010, and our yearly health insurance dread just came in for 2015: HMO premiums up 7% and PPO up 9%. We can’t afford this. I don’t know what to do.” Diana Guth, BA, RRT Owner, Home Respiratory Care Sleep Solutions As a Registered Respiratory Therapist and the owner of Home...
Janis Logsdon, Brea, CA
"Not one doctor that I have recently spoken with even knows what an EPO Health Plan is." Janis Logsdon, Brea, CA I am paying almost $600 a month for my new Anthem Blue Cross EPO plan, which is double what I paid last year for a PPO that I was happy with. For me it meant the total destruction and loss of my perfect, for me,...
Joe McFadden, Mountain View, CA
“The letter stated directly that I would be getting $376 in savings…. When my first invoice arrived, I was shocked to see that the monthly premium was $2,300 -- almost double the rate quoted in the initial letter!” The health insurance plan I’ve been on for years was cancelled due to the ACA. Like many people, I didn...