News Release
CONTACT Doug Heller
Santa Monica, CA– A California Appellate Court in Los Angeles will consider a long-running dispute at a Tuesday afternoon hearing about insurance companies’ obligations to cover a critical treatment for autistic children.  The case, brought by the non-profit Consumer Watchdog, will also determine if families previously forced to...
Blog Post
By Carmen Balber
Lost in the ongoing election postmortem was this report yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office that a bill being pushed by the insurance industry and its salespeople to eliminate one of the strongest consumer protections in the health reform law would increase the deficit by more than $1 billion and raise health insurance costs for...
News Release
CONTACT Jamie Court & Carmen Balber
Santa Monica, CA – Data released today by the Secretary of State shows a ballot measure to require health insurance companies to publicly justify rate increases should have been on the ballot this November, but was unnecessarily delayed to 2014 due to a flawed signature verification process, said Consumer Watchdog Campaign. The measure...